journal entry on February 25, 2018

February 25, 2018

Me and Thomas decided to go to la Jolla shores to do some research for my story, once we got off the bus Thomas wanted to fly his kite, which was his first time to do.

Once me and Thomas were on the beach part we took off our shoes so we could walk on the beach, while we were walking we were holding hands and sometimes stopping to hug each and end it with a kiss to show our love for each other, suddenly Thomas saw some shells and he started picking them up and collecting them as we walked around one side to another.

Then Thomas got an idea to dig a hole in the sand near the water, we were using our bare hands, as we dug through the soft beach sand…as we got to the water that sits just underneath the surface.

lessons I have learned

Lessons I have learned since I have been in a relationship with honeydew

“Live your life to the fullest everyday because you will never know when it will be taken from you.


” you have to be grateful for the hardship in your relationship because that is what makes your love stronger for that person.

” follow your dreams and don’t be afraid to follow them no matter what other people think.  wp-image-1135224500

It hurts me 

Its hurts when me

And honeydew 

Are going through 

A storm

Because I really love him

And care about him

But I know it will only

Last for a short time 

And we go back 

To loving each other 

Like we did before 

I want to stand 

By him 

Because he treats 

Me better then 

Those who would love 

To hurt me

What is it going to take 

You need to change 
Your attitude towards 


Stop being mean 

Every time I am around 


Because your 

Making me and honeydew

Mad at you 

I have had enough of it

I am making this 

Loud and clear 

Stop it 

I am not going 


I am staying with him 

Even if you don’t 

Like it